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First lineup for A site. For Attackers, mid-control opens up opportunities for either an A or B-site take depending on which side of the map the Defenders gravitate towards. You could also use this lineup in the mid-round, when you suspect the enemy team might be moving back towards A-lobby. Close. Walk into this corner of Attacker Spawn with the door. The Shock Bolt is Sovas Q ability. It is also easy to remember how to do this line-up since you will be standing around the same area as the previous line-up. Vincenzo is an esports writer with ten years of experience. Tuck yourself within the corner like this: 3. Russian native Sova is an excellent archer that gathers intel for his allies before engaging enemies. The company's approach inherently enables what it refers to as a rapid prototyping paradigm - embedding a commercial mentality into . Henry Stenhouse serves an eternal punishment as the Associate Editor of AllGamers. Fire without any change at all. Join Our Newsletter and keep up to date on the latest from HyperX. Fire the shock bolt at max power, then shift your crosshairs to a lower cloud line near the top of the clock tower and fire the shock bolt at two energy. If you prefer audio over text, you can also listen to the article via the button in the intro. This strategy is highly effective at giving teams an early advantage and can be seen in many professional matches. You can adjust the height to as you prefer, and theres no specific standing spot, making this a very easy arrow to fire. Because the wall the arrow lands on foes further to the left you can aim a bit further to the left and as a result get an slight angle into CT. Charges: 1 Bounces: 0 More arrow spots: You will be able to take space safer and quicker when you master these Recon Bolt Line-ups. The Double Shock Dart Attack A lineup allows teams to take control of the map quickly. Similar arrow to get early information in mid and short. Get into the corner of the green box at Mid Top. The long recon arrow lineup allows for a more systematic approach to scouting, as it allows for a long line of sight and more time to react. Note that this arrow wont cover the sewers section behind the stone walls at the back of the site, so warn your teammates to watch out for this area when they advance. This ult gives you three shots that effectively beam through the entire map, the blast radius is narrow enough that quick players can dodge it in almost all places. Knowing when to use these and how to get the best of these will make you an invaluable asset to your team. Now, get mastering these in time for the Valorant release date so you can be a top-notch Sova main from day one. preferred by various players on maps like Bind. All the pictures are optimized, but there are about 30+ in this guide. Let's get started! Let's be honest, there's a lot going on in Valorant, and most of us only have so much brain space for tricky lineups on each and every map. Walk into this corner with the hut in B Lobby. For anyone playing Sova as one of their main agents, its always good to know as many Recon Bolt lineups as you can. Your Recon Bolt should land on the wall in the back corner of the site. A very precise location is not required. Mix them up with other, less orchestrated shots to throw your enemies off. This line-up is simple and quite similar to the previous line-up. isnt endorsed by Riot Games and doesnt reflect the views or opinions of Riot Games or anyone officially involved in producing or managing VALORANT. Shock bolt for early damage onto a market player. You want it to land near the right edge so that it reveals anyone hiding behind the wood at the back of heaven. Whenever you and your team are in a retake situation, you will need every bit of information you can gather to safely and effectively regain control of the site and defuse the spike. 5. Former head editor for Natus Vincere, he has produced content for DreamHack, FACEIT, DOTAFire, 2P, and more. Aim to the bottom right of this roof edge. The Recon Bolt early information lineups shown here will help you achieve just that. Stand on the grate, at the top tip of the bottom diamond. Beware from mobile. Enemies often hide aroundGenerator, Dice, Heaven,Hell,Tree,and thestacked blocks to the right of A-Main Entrance. 1. Unlike the other arrows into A site, this arrow is not for pushing into site but for the post plant and to catch rotating enemys. This will make it easier to catch rotating players from A-Site. The Recon Bolt will spot the enemies peeking from the back of Middle, giving your teammates an advantage. Start by running to the wood boxes shown above. Every day, Leonardo DRS answers the call with solutions in every domain. 11. This Recon Bolt will reveal almost all of Lower Middle, Market, and some of Defender Spawn. Beware from mobile. Move the player model until the lower cabinet on A Site is barely visible. Well placed Recon Bolts can allow your team to make aggressive plays, as well as having the ability to gain valuable information to assist with rotates. Stay up to date with news, opinion, tips, tricks and reviews.More insights about us? Walk into this corner of the green box past the barrier. However it cannot see behind the box on heaven. Sova's Recon Bolt ability can be used in many effective ways and out of Sova's kit, has the most potential to impact the game. The recon arrow will scope out enemies positioned at A lobby and can immediately alert you if attackers are rushing A, allowing you to call in a rotation. All the arrow spots have been recorded at low graphic settings to make sure that everyone is able to use them. With this ability, Sova can reveal a sizeable amount of space that often drives back defenders and gives his team the information they need to enter any site confidently. With that said, today we will be looking at some of the most valuable Recon Bolt lineups when attacking on Ascent. However you are quite far from site in a post plant if you use this. Who knows, if you nail those lineups they may even buy you an Operator as a treat. This first Sova Recon Bolt on the list reveals most of A-Lobby and A-Main. Walk into the wooden wall on the edge of catwalk. Look through the second barred window for the giraffe picture on the wall. Defense: A Lobby Recon Arrow. This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality. Ascents' open layout allows for many creative shock dart angles that can disrupt the enemy team by stopping plants and defuses on both sites. Learn the best arrow spots to gather info on the enemy positions with Recon Bolt, or to defeat them with Shock Bolt. How can I use Sovas Recon Bolt to gain information on Ascent? Sova Ascent playstyle The most important part of Ascent is mid, and the team that controls mid controls the round. The double shock dart allows you to push your opponents back and keep them away from the plant, while the anti-plant arrow prevents them from planting in the first place. Arrow 1: Place the HUD line in between these fruits. Sova is Valorants resident intel-gatherer and is unrivalled when it comes to figuring out where the enemies are and getting early picks. When explaining the arrow spots, I might use the most common callouts to indicate them. Attack Site B Recon Sova Arrows Ascent Lineup is one of the best approaches in Valorant because it focuses on using the unique abilities of each agent to create a powerful team composition. You can stand roughly in the middle of the hall, and you wont need to peak the corner first. You might argue that enemies could be lurking around Heaven, Hell, etc. Accuracy is not required. This ult is very difficult to use at first but if you save it for the right situations and learn some chokepoints to use it in then its good for a free kill. From the defending side, theres a Recon Bolt lineup that will give you plenty of intel on the attackers initial push through B long and any late rotations from B link. The best Sova ascent lineups for Valorant can be found below. More arrow spots: We've explained where to stand, where to aim, and where the bolt will land, so you know exactly what it covers. It looks like a niche spot, but limiting movement and identifying players in that corner is vital for pushing onto B through mid. Your babushka told you not to brag, but after you master these line-ups, you will surely be making an exception! . Required fields are marked *. You are also situated relatively safely while lining up this Recon Bolt. This lineup sets up for a stronger B site push, by pushing the enemy off B stairs and weakening the defenses hold over the site. If timed correctly, there will be a window of opportunity for a teammate to push into that area and catch enemy players off guard. Aim on this black line in the middle of the second and third bars. Valorant. Unlike other lineups this one does not have to be perfect to be useful and has a lot of leeway. About. To show you what we are talking about, we will guide you through the best Sova Ascent shock dart lineups, and how they will save your Ascent games. VALORANT is a unique take on a tactical shooter. It also allows for multiple opportunities to set up traps and ambushes, making it an extremely effective way to control the middle of the map. Own the edge in every domain, Be a key contributor to a leading defense contractor & military technology innovator. For these lineups you will be using several bounces and long angels, disrupting a plant behind B site Tetris, and shredding an early tunnel push. 6 Sova Shock Dart Lineups To Dominate On Ascent. It will reveal Lower Middle, Market, and some of Defender Spawn. I've had Ascent games where I probably save at least 5 rifles worth of economy by saving ARs and buying an Ares on defense. Place your crosshair in this gap and then steer it slightly left so its just on the water tower. Walk into the back corner of B Lobby with the octopus. Walk into this corner in the back of A Heaven. Looking to get some early map intel on Bind, Haven, or Split? Log In Sign Up. Plus youll look really cool doing them. Use Sova's Shock bolt as a recon tool to scout out the default plant, but also as a potential plant and defuse denial tool. Walk into this corner of the closable door. 5. Interestingly, the devs developed a lot of their core gameplay and mechanics in this map, when the game was called Project A 2019. . Born from the eternal winter of Russia's tundra, Sova tracks, finds, and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. Walk past this line on the right. Now look up at the first grating window. First arrow to help a push into A site and get chip damage onto the enemy. This approach also allows for more flexibility in terms of positioning, meaning that the defending team can adjust their positions based on the enemy teams movements. These will help you use the powerful ability to its full potential on defense. Place the right diamonds tip at this debris. Attacking A can be a daunting prospect on Ascent, because of the sheer number of little hiding spots players can use. Your email address will not be published. The area where you should be placing your crosshair will become blocked and make it hard to execute the lineup consistently. While there is no one definitive Sova ascent lineup, players should experiment and find the right composition that works best for their team. Defending Mid Recon Bolt Spot Charge: 3 bars (full power) Bounce: 1 Riot We don't usually cover defense in these guides, but mid is a valuable spot for Sova to play, so here's an easy lineup for the start of a round. We do recommend having a teammate there to watch for enemy pushes, however. Using the brick marks on the wall, place the crosshair in the center horizontally. This final recon bolt for Haven gives you superb vision onto C when attacking, covering your entry and revealing any rotates from CT to site. This Recon Bolt line-up is valuable for gaining information about enemy locations aroundB-site, some areas atDefender Spawn, andStairs. Sova players can find various clipping points for their Recon Bolt here. Just cram yourself into the back left of the gong section of B and use a single charge for the shot. Recon Bolt Site A lineup allows teams to take control of the map by having a player on each of the three sites. Aim at the tip of this cloud, then fire at base power with no bounces at the middle point of the cloud. Start by standing in this nook next to the entrance to Nest. Get into the corner of the bike at A Lobby. Especially great if the enemy has an Operator as it is a spot alot of players like to play with an Op. Finally, it allows for great flexibility and creativity, allowing players to develop their own strategies to outplay their opponents. Insights From Our CEO. Line up the Shock Bolts HUD indicator with the light part of the stone near the line. It is a little exposed if the enemy rushes down A long, so either pair up with a gunner or move away as fast as possible. Stand in the entrance to Mid Market, facing B Site. Unlike the other three arrows this one can see the whole generator angle but the tradeof is that it cannot see heaven. Aim slightly higher on both arrows to hit closer to the doorway. Sova is one of the most popular agents in Valorant, preferred by various players on maps like Bind, Fracture, Ascent, etc. Finally, it allows teams to take the initiative in the game, as the team that takes control of the map often has the upper hand in the game. All the pictures are optimized, but there are about 70+ in this guide. It wont clear the room underneath heaven, anyone holding behind the tarp on heaven, or close to the generator. We've explained where to stand, where to aim, and where the bolt will land, so you know exactly what it covers. Make sure the one with the right is centered. Finally, heres a very simple arrow for scanning Ascents wide open Mid area. A good lineup should also be versatile, able to be used in different situations and adapted to the enemy teams tactics. Get into this edge in the walkway to B Lobby. The Recon Bolt should land around this area right here: 6. Finally, the lineups aggressive nature allows your team to take control of the mid-court quickly, giving your team the advantage in most rounds. This lineup will be the easiest to execute on this list since it only requires you to point and shoot your Recon Bolt directly at a designated target. Arrow 1: Aim between these two spikes, a little underneath the cloud. He not only looks cool (lets admit it, he is the coolest looking Agent), but in the right hands, he can be downright terrifying to play against. In VALORANT, Sova is one of the top-picked Agents of all time. This simple Recon Bolt will help you gain easier mid-control. Arrow 2: Aim at this large gap in the leaves. These lineups will be your guide to pushing the enemy back and stealing a couple of kills along the way. We prefer to use this later into the round and in conjunction with our B defense Recon Bolt lineup to counter a late push onto B. Heres how you line it up: It should reveal almost everything in middle: This quick Sova Recon Bolt reveals all of B-Main and some of B Lobby. It is also a very useful tool for retaking bombsites. 4. These lineups are a hybrid of A site and B site plays, focusing on Ascent mid to catch out both defense and attack players pushing through mid. More arrow spots: How do I use Sovas Shock Darts effectively on Ascent? Stand on the back side corner of this box. Next, line the bolt up as we do in the clip below and youll see anyone hiding in the heaven nook, plus anyone who is pushing down mid. This will provide you with vision towards the entrance of B-main. Forth lineup for A site. Line up your crosshair just below the first white line on the electric cable. This has the same characteristics as the Recon Bolt, so the lineups work with both. Sova's Recon Bolt is an incredible ability, and while many inventive lineups have been shared online, most are all-too easy to forget if you're not a professional. Place Sova in the back corner of B main, then follow the right side of the clock tower up until your crosshairs are on the edge of the upper lighter colored cloud. It also allows teams to create angles of Attack on the opposing team and create opportunities to surprise the enemy team with a sudden burst of firepower. Some Easy Ascent Sova Recon Bolt spots you can use to help your team during matches. Besides clearing heaven, this arrow also clears backside generator aswell as default box and box on site. Buying an Ares every round while your other teammates full buy is economically OP. Sova makes sure that even if your enemies try to run, they definitely cannot hide. Align the diamonds so that there are two dots within them, as shown. Align the inside of the first diamond with the roof corner. In order to do this lineup, youll need to be positioned on the rafters at A-site. Copyright 2017-2023 Esports Tales, All rights reserved. When he's not playing Rainbow Six Siege, you'll find him agonising over shotgun design in FPS games or replaying Fallout 4. It is a very effective way to counter the opponents plant. Remember, firing these every time will only get the opponents used to shooting them down as they land. How can I use Sovas Owl Drone to scout and gather information on Ascent? First, it allows for a two-pronged attack on the site, as the attacking team can come in from two different angles. Sign up for selected EarlyGame highlights, opinions and much more. These lineups are much riskier and can result in you wasting your arrows on a guess. Second lineup for A site. Place the crosshair along the right edge of the blue building. FIRE to deploy and take control of movement of the drone. In addition there are 2 lineups for shock dart volleys. 6. Ascent's open environment and vertical space is a perfect playground for Sova and his shock dart. Align the line between the shock dart and the drone with the edge of this building curve. You need to be backed up against the back of B and you need to make sure the arrow that points down from the top of the scoreboard and timer lines up with the top of the dark central ring of the middle lantern. In the first place this arrow is to spot aggression into A site but if you have no information about the enemy at all this can exclude one possible attacking spot. Regardless of the map, or even level of competition, some agents have become a staple in any team composition in VALORANT. There are no tricks you can play with those, but they are incredibly valuable in clutch situations where you can hunker in a corner and let your drone survey the area for you manage to tag the enemy and youve pretty much won the round. The first spot is designed to punish the initial push into A. Stand against the wall aligned with the right edge of this grate. The reference point for this is a little tricky, so we suggest practising in a custom match. Jump and Shoot. Jump and shoot. Second shock bolt for a B push but the spot is not as commonly played. This guide will demonstrate three Sova Recon Bolt lineups on Valorant's map, Haven. The Shock Bolt can be more helpful for simply clearing corners and nooks as it deals plenty of damage and its radius is large enough to force hiding enemies out into the open. This is a better Recon Bolt than other Recon Bolt lineups for Ascent A-Sitebecause this gives you time to reposition to A-Main Entrance right after. In contrast to the first two arrows, this one can see both close corners but the lineup is a bit more difficult to learn. Additionally, the Suppression Grenades can be used to deny enemies from pushing onto sites or finding flanking routes. Search within r/SovaMains. Arrow 1: Align with the bar and the edge of this cloud. Whether you are looking for a straightforward training option or a more challenging challenge, these lineups have you covered. This is an amazing arrow to learn and will give you and your team a better chance of retaking B-site post-plant. To help the average Sova player out, we've come up with some easy to remember Sova Recon Bolt spots that you won't forget. Like this: The Recon Bolt should land on this box here: And reveal almost everything in A-Main and A-Lobby: This next Sova Recon Bolt is fast and elusive. Align your crosshair with the line on the roof edge and the bottom of this light mark on the metal. Call off the attack everyone, I misjudged the pixels on that tree branch. On the defending side, Recon arrow or drone in Mid, B Garage, and A long will locate rushing enemies. You can also use lineups to create opportunities for your team to pick off enemies and gain map control. As you can see, the entryways where enemies would normally be hanging out are often narrow. Lining up the Ascent A-Site Recon Bolt is simple: Note: It is impossible to do the lineup with Detail Quality set to High as high settings add plants to the flower box. You can see the path of your shot on the minimap which allows you to line these up on the fly, but weve posted a couple below to give you an idea of where these work best. 3. And there you have it, some inspiration on how to get the best out of Sovas abilities. The positioning isnt too precise, but the less you travel forward, the better. Start by standing at the end of the metal shutter on the right wall of the B corridor entrance. Mix them up with other, less orchestrated shots to throw your enemies off. When rotating from B site, move up Heaven stairs and place Sova in the corner at the top of the stairs next to the scaffolding. Aggressive early lineup to catch enemys pushing into A main. Get to know Bill, Demonstration Mission Utilizes Innovative Technology to Capture Earth Images for NASA, $1 Billion Electric Propulsion Contract Award for Columbia-Class Submarine, Introducing the Next Generation of Power Conversion Technology for Naval Platforms, Leonardo DRS Matches Donations to Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Education Assistance Program, U.S. Army Taps Leonardo DRS to Provide Additional M-LIDS Counter-UAS Platforms, Contract Award Received for U.S. Army 3rd Generation FLIR Sensors, Learn more about the Advanced Sensing & Computing business segment, Learn more about the Integrated Mission Systems business segment. Defense Site A Long Recon Arrow Lineup, 4. These are crucial spaces to clear since some players tend to get very cheeky and play these spots using shotguns or machine guns which could spell disaster for you and your team when entering or rushing B-Site. In brief the best defensive arrow on B site because it lands very fast and spots all of B lobby and the entrence into B main. Place your crosshair at the bottom frame like this: This Recon Bolt reveals all of B-Main and some of B-Lobby: These next two lineups will feature retake lineups for both A and B-site. Press J to jump to the feed. Remember, you can see exactly where the bolt lands on your minimap to know if you've done it correctly. Even when destroyed, you will still know that at least an enemy is located in that area. This Recon Bolt spot clears most of the position on the site itself or behind the wooden box in heaven. Arrow 1: Align the bottom right HUD line with the brown tip of the clock tower. This Recon Bolt is great for clearingLogs, Lane, andmost of the initial B-Site. Arrow 2: Aim where these two bricks meet. The Recon Bolt should fire over the wall and land on the tarp next to heaven, as shown below. Aim the crosshair on this spot. World class supplier of EO/IR sensors, lasers, electronic warfare, aircraft training, intelligence and surveillance solutions, network computing and communications. This is a great Ascent lineup for checking and preventing a default plant on A site. Defense Site B Garage Recon Arrow Lineup, 10. Jump and Shoot. A skilled Sova will know where to place his Recon Bolts to gather information and coordinate strategies with his team to make site entries easier and safer. Move to B site from T spawn and place Sova in the corner of the boxes before B main. Using a combination of port scanning, vulnerability scanning, password cracking, exploitation, privilege escalation, backdoor installs, data exfiltration, and denial of service, the attacker can gain access to the system and successfully steal sensitive data or disrupt access to the site. Secondly it gives you 8 different shock bolt lineups. Arrow 1: The edge of this screen should be about one-third in the first charge. Once you learn these lineups, they will become a staple in your Sova gameplay and make winning easier for your team. Again, you dont need to be very precise with your aiming. However, there are a few chokepoints where Hunters Fury is almost impossible to avoid. This lineup allows the team to rotate quickly and gain back control of the map while allowing the team to make aggressive plays with the help of the agents utility. It can be fired from heaven and aid your team in defending A long. Mastering these is the key to Sova and when you know a few basic spots on each map will earn your team plenty of kills as they can wallbang or catch enemies out in the open. Sova makes post-plant retakes possible, and, most of the time, even winnable for his team. Arrow 2: Align the bottom edge of the first divider in the charge bar with this corner of the building. Third lineup for A site. Aim at the shadow between these two AC parts. 3. Jump and fire at the peak. Make sure it is to the left of the line, otherwise the arrow will not scan inside Market and land in Mid. Crea-ture Studios' rad skate game Session is getting its first console outing through the Xbox early access program. Look for this pot, and tuck yourself in the corner. Align your crosshair with this T-shaped marking: It should reveal most of B-Default, Boat House, the entire Lane, Logs, some areas around Switch, outside Market, and Market Stairs. Click here! Arrow 2: Align the crosshair on the roof and bell tower, as shown. Valorant Guide: 3 Sova Defense Recon Bolt Lineups on Ascent. In order to adapt your Sova lineups to different enemy team compositions on the Ascent map, you should be aware of enemy tactics and adjust your lineups accordingly. Now, two charges, one bounce you want the bolt to clip the tower and bounce down. In short this volley is to oneshot an enemy playing heaven box. Line-up the tip of the Shock Bolt icon, with the corner of this white band here: This A-site retake Recon Bolt should land here: It will reveal almost everything inside A-site, including anyone inside the door close to Tree. Alternate this one with the first mid arrow to catch out defenders. If that's what you're after, read on for some easy Ascent Recon Bolt spots for the attacking side. First shock bolt for a B push. This Sova Recon Bolt lineup is useful for A-site retakes, especially when rotating over from B-site. Ascents' open layout allows for many creative shock dart angles that can disrupt the enemy team by stopping plants and defuses on both sites. If youve got these techniques perfected then have no fear, a challenge is here. Sova Guide for lineups on Ascent. It's a simple and open map that gives Sova the room to create some insane angles with his shock darts. Arrow 2: Aim where these dark bricks meet the window edge. Here are the best Sova lineups. We include affiliate links in articles. Locations of performance are Florida and Maine, with a Dec. 31, 2020, ordering period end date. Sova carries an arsenal of valuable surveillance equipment that comes in handy, particularly on large maps like Breeze, Ascent, and Haven. Two charges, just dont max the bow out. In brief the best defensive arrow on B site because it lands very fast and spots all of B lobby and the entrence into B main. This Recon Bolt spot will clear the full front area of the site, including the cubby in the tunnel entrance. Find your place with Leonardo DRS, Leonardo DRS is fiercely aimed for the future, a brighter future for everyone, thanks to Bill Lynns passion. Heres how to do it: 3. Aim between the spikes, roughly at the height of the left spike. This is a spicy lineup that will allow you to catch off-guard enemies pushing top mid early.

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