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Mike Neville, born October 17 1936, died September 6 2017, The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. Brought up in a house with an outside netty, he attended Stephenson Memorial secondary school at Howdon. [17] The station launched a marketing campaign in the 1960s to sell advertising time named 'Through Plan'. One of the best known was The One O'Clock Show, a 40-minute variety show broadcast on weekdays. You can hear Colin on Vintage Vinyl from 2pm to 5pm Sundays. She became a wonderful friend of mine during my time on and after The X Factor. [8], After five years working in the theatre, Neville switched permanently to television in 1962 and joined Tyne Tees full-time as a continuity announcer, newsreader and reporter. For the first time, one company owned two distinct and separate ITV franchises although the new company was dominated by the larger, stronger Yorkshire whose shareholders owned 71.5percent of the new company. Both regional services (I.e ITV News Tyne Tees and Lookaround) utilise exactly the same presenter(s) and studio/set, therefore one of the two programmes - depending on the day's news - is pre-recorded 'as live' shortly before broadcast.[2]. [60], The complex initially contained four studios, with a fifth built in 1981 to accommodate productions for Channel 4. [15], The first advertisement screened on Tyne Tees was for Welch's Toffee. Amy Lea will join Ian Payne on-screen from 29th March to present the evening news programme at 6pm. Amy added: There is no doubt that this is the best part of the world and it's an honour to be a part of the very talented teams we are lucky to have at ITV Tyne Tees.. [11][12][13], Neville went on to make occasional guest appearances on TV and radio, including a BBC Four documentary celebrating regional television in July 2011. The sole woman was simply referred to by her first name and her measurements. The ownership and management structure of Tyne Tees has altered across its history, particularly in various mergers with Yorkshire Television. Eventually, in October 1958, the name "Tyne Tees" was announced. [91][92], The most famous music show from the station, though, derived its name from the studios themselves. Find Tyne Tees Tv stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Tyne-Tees derby, a football term. Co-presenter Ian Payne is looking forward to starting a new chapter with Amy. The full first night's programming was, In the 2006 documentary A History of Tyneside, veteran North East newsreader Mike Neville suggested that the launch of Tyne Tees enabled local people to be able to hear local accents and dialects on television, since early broadcasters, particularly those from the BBC, tended to speak in Received Pronunciation. I have been a journalistfor over 15 yearsnow - working across theNorth East and North Yorkshire, as well as short spells in London and the Channel Islands too.At ITV Tyne Tees and Border, I think I have almost done every shift in the office - from producing our morning and late bulletins, to presenting them too! Anna Botting, born and bred in Surrey, is now a Sky News presenter on Sky News at Nine and Ten, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. One of the first attempts at reaching the teenage audience was Young at Heart, hosted by Jimmy Savile and Valerie Masters in 1960. [71] This ident was accompanied by a shortened version of the station's signature tune "Three Rivers Fantasy", a specially commissioned work by composer and arranger Arthur Wilkinson. While at Tyne Tees, he revived his regional chat show, The Mike Neville Show and presented occasional specials including Christmas Past and the station's 40th anniversary celebrations in 1999. You can hear Bob and his special guests from 8pm to 10pm weeknights. He also featured on A Song for Europe and the annual Children in Need telethon. ITV News Tyne Tees. In 1989, Neville was caught by Noel Edmonds with a Gotcha on his BBC1 programme Noel's Saturday Roadshow. In 2016, Pam a mother-of-two and now a grandmother issued a public warning about the dangers of skin cancer after a melanoma was discovered on her leg. [5] Several offers were submitted, including from the existing four companies, to the ITA. [42][71] This logo was more stylised than the 1992 equivalent and kept the music used throughout the '3' era. Tyne-Tees Regiment, formed in 1999. An arc of circles also adorned the top right corner. [42] Following Granada's takeover in June 1997, the Channel 3 branding was scrapped in March 1998. Amy has risen through the ranks at ITV Tyne Tees, which she joined as a Production Journalist in 2015, becoming an On-Screen Journalist in 2018. Apparently unruffled even when things were falling apart around him, Neville in fact suffered badly from nerves before every programme a legacy from his early years as an actor in rep. The musical overture merged several regional folk tunes, such as "Water of Tyne", ending in The "Blaydon Races". [17][18], "Remember When: Happy Birthday to Look North legend Mike Neville", "Broadcaster Mike Neville is back on air for special day", "Mike Neville's retirement: end of an era for regional TV? 13th NOVEMBER: English singer, songwriter and producer Jonathan King posed on Razzamatazz TV programme at Tyne Tees studios in . Westgate Road epitomises the hustle and bustle of Newcastle, but just how clean are the restaurants and takeaways on the city centre staple? Born as James Armstrong Briggs in Willington Quay, North Tyneside on 17 October 1936[1][2] to James Briggs, a labourer, and Mary[3] he attended the Addison Potter Infant and Junior School in Willington Quay and Stephenson Memorial Secondary School in Howdon. On 15 January 1959, the original Tyne Tees Television news service was launched with short evening bulletins and a weekly magazine programme, North East Roundabout which was broadcast each Friday. These include axing mid-morning bulletins on weekdays and lunchtime bulletins at weekends, merging a number of regions and axing most non-news regional programmes. Returning in 1957 from National Service in Cyprus with the Wiltshire Regiment, Neville worked briefly as an insurance agent, then joined the Newcastle Playhouses repertory company. [31] Tyne Tees outbid their main competition by 10million; their main challenger was 'North East Television', which was backed by Granada, Border and local newspaper the Evening Chronicle. [42] As Bob Conlon, regional executive with the Independent Television Commission, said: "People never really grasped the name it didn't exactly trip off the tongue and it was still referred to as Tyne Tees Television, because it has been there for years. The ident itself featured pictures from the region. She started her journey on Granada Reports as a lead female presenter in 1988. The look consisted of the top left corner of the logo being inserted into the 'V' segment of the ITV logo, with the station name placed underneath the Tyne Tees ITV logo. Historian Geoff Phillips comments that this "was a profound statement of the culture of the time". ITV Tyne Tees & Border was formed on 25 February 2009, with Lookaround and North East Tonight titles retained for the 6pm programme and late bulletin each weekday, whilst shorter bulletins were known simply as Tyne Tees & Border News.[8]. An ITV spokesman advised that the total cost of the five bullying investigations was 1million. He was renowned within the business for his unique blend of professional skill and human warmth; to the BBC newsreader Nicholas Owen, he was simply the best in the business. Shortly after its launch, North East Tonight won the Royal Television Society's award for best regional news programme. ", Actress Denise Welch said: Pam and I have been friends for probably 25 years. As a reporter you get to experience so much - the good and the bad and there is rarely a dull moment! Neville made the switch back to Tyne Tees, which coincided with a short-lived station rebrand from Tyne Tees to Channel 3 North East. Since then I have travelled with her to Manchester to revisit the city on the first anniversary of the attack - it was very raw and emotional but it was an honour to be with her at that moment. [26], Yorkshire and Tyne Tees applied separately for renewal of the franchises in 1980, and each won. Self - Lib Dem, Westmorland and Lonsdale / . She lost her son Philip in the Manchester bombing. He became Dean for Arts, Design and Media at the University of Sunderland in June 2009. "She is a fantastic person but also a fantastic journalist and presenter - a total professional who takes great pride in her work. @IanPayneITV. "[42] All other regions in the network had retained their own identities rather than conforming to the generic 'Channel 3' brand. The form up was over a grey background with a line moving across the screen, forming the letters as they went. [94] The Tube was dropped in 1987 as a result of falling audience figures and an incident involving Jools Holland, who cursed during a live trailer. [64] Television House also acts as a base for ITV SignPost, Britain's biggest supplier of British Sign Language (BSL) services for television, video, CD-ROM, DVD, film and the Internet.[66]. [14] In February 2017, he was honoured again by the Royal Television Society in the North East with a special award in February 2017 to mark his 80th birthday. On 5 October 1992 this was replaced by Tyne Tees Today (and from 31 March 1993 a sub-regional service would be known as Network North for South of the region only). In 1978, The Economist reported that a group called Northumbria Television, partially financed by local firms Bellway Holding and Swan Hunter, applied to the IBA to take over the franchise from the "tired" Tyne Tees for the two and a half years until the scheduled franchise renewal in 1981. In 2001 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Royal Television Society to mark his becoming Britains longest serving presenter. Some companies, historian Simon Cherry notes, were scrambling "very readily for the lowest common denominator Tyne Tees was notorious for avoiding minority programmes and putting out cop shows or westerns instead."[19]. [3], Independent television was introduced to Britain in September 1955. [45], The "TTTV" logo returned to television screens in a new form, "three-dimensional gold metallic lettering on a blue background", on 9 March 1998. [25] By the late seventies, Tyne-Tees's locally made programming amounted to an average of less than nine hours a week, with the remainder of programming from the ITV network. "Im very sure the viewers will come to love her as much as we already do.". [64], Tyne Tees moved to Television House at The Watermark, a new business park adjacent to the MetroCentre in Gateshead, in 2005. [58] Following this incident, ITV adopted an anti-bullying programme. Nevilles renown could overwhelm people he met. The news service is produced and broadcast from studios at The Watermark, Gateshead with reporters also based at a Teesside office in Billingham. She survives him with their daughter, Carolyn. [83][84] Super Gran, based on a series of books about a grandmother with superhuman powers, was also successful in the mid-1980s. She is one of the best presenters I know and, had she chosen to take her career nationwide, would be a national treasure as well as a local legend.. ITA considered the original name, "North East England", was imprecise. [71] The Tyne Tees logo was last seen on production end boards until 2004, when they were replaced with, first an ITV logo, and then with an ITV Studios caption. Pam Royle has admitted it will be hard to say goodbye when she presents ITV News Tyne Tees and Border for the last time on Friday, Sign up for free to get the latest North East news and updates delivered straight to your inbox. View history Michael Neville, MBE (born James Armstrong Briggs, 17 October 1936 - 6 September 2017) was a British broadcaster, best known as a presenter on regional TV news in North East England. [85] Additionally they also dubbed the South African children's series Oscar the Rabbit in Rubbidge which featured narration by Lance Percival. Can you name them all @theannediamond Peter Stanley Paine, Director of the broadcaster's holding company Trident, was appointed Managing Director of Tyne Tees Television in 1974. The licence is currently held by ITV Broadcasting Ltd and the original Tyne Tees Television Ltd was dissolved on 28 March 2017. The original whistleblower left the company in 2006 and was paid 80,000 after threatening to take his case to an employment tribunal. [43] The Broadcasting Act 1990 had made Channel 3 the 'official' name for ITV,[44] and "3" was the preset used by most television sets and videocassette recorders (VCRs) for ITV. Mel and her Mum Molly are such strong women who have had to cope with such adversity in their lives that it has been humblinggetting to know them. With independent production company Festival Films and Television, Tyne Tees produced several adaptations of books by local novelist Catherine Cookson. Popular ITV News presenter Pam Royle will bid farewell to viewers later this week in her final broadcast of a career spanning nearly 40 years. 25 September 2017 6:00pm Mike Neville Credit: North News / NNP Mike Neville, who has died aged 80, was a towering figures in the heyday of British regional television, anchoring the nightly. A few summers ago Donald Campbell's Bluebird was ready to take to the water once more. Tyne Tees became a prolific producer of children's entertainment for the ITV network in the 1970s and 1980s. Collect, curate and comment on your files. New contracts issued by the ITA in 1968 stipulated that all ITV companies publish their listings in the TV Times, which became a national magazine with regional variations for the listings. [51][71] In this, the Tyne Tees logo was reduced to minuscule lettering in a blue box at the top of the screen, with emphasis being placed on the station name and ITV logo. I was worried about falling in and getting wet - or setting off in the wrong direction and drifting away from the group! The show suffered, however, from not having a regular slot on the ITV network. [45][71][75], In 1992, Tyne Tees dropped their famous logo which they had previously been using since 1970 and opted instead for four separate letters stacked atop each other like previously accomplished spelling TTTV. Soon after, Frank Bough, compre of the BBCs rival Look North, moved south to present Sportsview and Neville was offered his job. Tyne Tees offered him his own hour long news programme, North East Tonight with Mike Neville. In order to save money, several large regional headquarters, studio sites and programme departments closed and merged. Late in life, he said his one regret was not having remained on the stage. Three variations were used, one with a black background, one with a multi coloured background and one with a grey background, with each version taking over from its predecessor after only a few months of use. Local non-news programming was also broadcast on early Sunday evenings and various late slots following News at Ten on Tuesday and Thursday nights. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. BBC News for your part of North East and Cumbria: Cumbria. [14], Where most independent television companies published their schedules in the magazine TV Times, Tyne Tees produced their own listings magazine. This page is not available in other languages. The Times. [69][70], The station identification, or idents for short, of Tyne Tees varied over time; however, most were based the letters TTTV arranged in a box format. As a result of the merger, ITV plc had (according to the company) an over-capacity of studio facilities and production units around the country, which had previously been rivals, but were now all part of the same group. However, despite the new logo, the new logo wasn't applied to the generic idents. Bill Steel played Bernard McKenna in Coronation Street in 1997 and was a presenter for Tyne Tees Television before becoming an announcer. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. The summary includes a brief description of the collection (s) (usually including the covering dates of the collection), the name of the archive where they are held, and reference information to help you find the collection. [2], The analogue signals in the Tyne Tees region were switched off in 2012, making the station, along with ITV London and UTV, one of the last ITV regions to become digital-only. Tyne Tees made several attempts to woo him back, and in 1996 he returned to the commercial station with his own programme, North East Tonight With Mike Neville, which won a Best News Magazine Programme award from a jury in New York. ITV News Tyne Tees has unveiled its new presenter. He loved to get into costume, notably in Christmas Past programmes from Beamish Museum. [30][31] In the same year, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher initiated a blind auction system, through the Broadcasting Act 1990, through which companies had to bid for the regional franchises. [71], The ident was again redesigned in 1988, in which the colour scheme was reversed and lighter shades of blue and yellow used. When locals moved away, they missed him. "Ive enjoyed such a strong connection with the viewers for such a long time, it will be really strange to not go into the studio every day, see my colleagues, and say hello to everyone on screen. [41] On 16 March 1996, the presentation department in Newcastle was closed, and continuity was centralised in Leeds. x. Ian Payne. TV-am Presenters 1985 The TV-am team in the atrium, 1985. The 50-year-old will freelance for ITV Tyne Tees regional programme. [95][96] A couple of months later, Tyne Tees launched another music show, this time for the ITV network. The manager defended himself by claiming he was using black humour. Sen Batty meteorologist, currently working for STV. As part of major ITV regional news cuts, taking place from November 2008 to February 2009, around 50 staff were made redundant or accepted voluntary redundancy at ITV Tyne Tees. [29] When the new licences started in January 1982, Trident sold all but 30percent of Yorkshire, and 25percent of Tyne Tees.[22]. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. Such documentaries concentrate upon local history, landscape and architecture, such as the various shows by John Grundy. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. BBC Tees Presenters. [71] The name "Tyne Tees Television" was only seen in small letters at the bottom of the screen, whereas Yorkshire, who also adopted the Channel 3 brand a month later, was allowed to keep its 'chevron' logo alongside the '3'. At the end of 1993, the company revealed that it was heading for a pre-tax loss in the 199293 fiscal year instead of the expected profit. He was subsequently a junior editorial assistant at the Daily Mail's Newcastle offices. LWT were impressed enough to give Pam her own current affairs and consumer show, called Friday Now, but she missed the North-East and, in 1989, returned to Tyne Tees TV, having been headhunted. From 6 September 1976, Tyne Tees' longest running news programme Northern Life aired with notable presenters including Paul Frost and Pam Royle. On 28 March 2021, ITV Tyne Tees announced that Amy Lea would be the new co-presenter of the main weekday news programme alongside Ian Payne as of 29 March 2021, taking over from Pam Royle who left ITV on 26 March 2021. However, they eventually decided in their favour. 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[57] Between December 2008 and February 2009, around 50 staff at the station were made redundant or accepted voluntary redundancy, including presenters, journalists and production staff. He was easily able to adapt to the situation and stay professional, and was the only local anchorman in the UK to ever receive a Gotcha.

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