Grefg has been banned from Luis Enrique’s chat after posting this comment


Luis Enrique debuted on Twitch in a big way, with over 180,000 people asking him all sorts of questions at its peak. Yes, there was a reference to Amnique that the selector humored and he responded very well with his own style.

Little by little, national coaches are picking up the tools and doing their best to answer the thousands of questions they receive in less than an hour.

Of course, there are those who have been banned and thus have not been able to put anything in the chat. streamer Spanish Grefgone of the most famous Spanish-speaking content creators in the world.

“Greetings to the Moderator of Luis Padrique” streamer Murcian has over 7.1 million followers on Twitter and over 10.3 followers on Twitch.

“It was a lot of fun watching his live show,” Grefug said on his own live show. He said it’s “very cool” what the coach does.

When I went to watch Luis Enrique’s channel, the content creator found he wasn’t banned. “Fuck whoever it is, I promise, it was indeed for trolling. Direct moments were completely banned,” he noted.

Grefg He explained that they blocked him when he reacted to an anecdote about Luis Enrique telling him who was the most surprised player since he trained in Spain.Coach replied that when he first saw Ansu Fati, he thought about the series Oliver and Benji.

Something akin to ‘asgsgshsh’, laughing, when he heard me comment in chat: ‘I literally commented on it. You have been banned from the chat” read. ”

Grefg has two theories. Either he was a “baby boomer” who didn’t know this was a laugh, or he was the moderator who banned him “as a joke that ruined my live his stream.” But all is already fixed, Murcian content creators will no longer be banned and will almost certainly be able to comment on Luis Enrique’s next live show.


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