New WhatsApp feature: How to conduct surveys in chat?


one of the many novelties that bring us WhatsApp, There are new features for “poll” A tool that allows any user to create surveys and share them with other members platform, both levels group what Individual. Initially only available to standard version users iOS But to this day, we can officially say that we’ve reached all operating systems: android world Chaos. I should clarify that it’s a desktop version like the application, Windows world WhatsApp Web. We also provide step-by-step instructions for creating them and how they work.they really could be tool for people in get together And they need concrete answers.

how do they work?

of Investigation You can share both with get together like a conversation individual, I’m not sure what it’s used for in a chat with only two members though.they have limits 12 options You can vote multiple times for multiple options by entering your answer.of vote know update in real time they are not anonymous. moreover, group, you have to be administrator from chat publish them. of Company instant messenger, this is “It’s a fun and effective way to make group decisions without annoying everyone in chat.” some users whats up of twitter They have already qualified it as “Salvation to Argument” world “blessing”. Ironically. The reality is that it is very useful.

So far we have found that you can add emoticons to the questionnaire answer in the version of desk, However don’t create them. In addition to various permissions, letter to formulate question. In addition, you can look Summary of vote with more options Was selected and who were they they voted.

Here is step by step

Start by entering the app WhatsApp. You can then open any conversation and type “+” It will be displayed next to the writing window.Opens a menu for sharing photo shoot To camera or your gallery, a Document, your Fixed position or at real time, some of your contacts Note virtual and recently poll. When the survey is displayed, question. we have not found Character limit, But the Scriptures for formulating it are vast.then stand up 12 units Add answer options.They are added as vintage each in each box word. You can also add Emoji In each cell, not yet discovered Minimum or maximum characters.

This tool is now available on all mobile devices.Photo: Adriana Juarez

After completing this step, “send” with members of get together They can vote for other options several times. Obviously for as many answers as we added.

Group users can answer each option as many times as they want.Photo: Adriana Juarez

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