‘The Menu’, a movie with a strong taste


Premiering in Ecuador, El Menu mixes horror and irony to criticize the actions of those in power.

very upscale restaurant A bewildered diner from Bragadocio and an eccentric chef serving a menu to die for (literally) is part of the movie The Menu. Premiered in Ecuador on November 18, 2022.

Horror movies had a great year In 2022, in movies like Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, No!

Two firefighters killed in accident at Lima airport

“El Menu” also joins the trend, but with a slightly madder plot, criticism of billionaires, and ironic references to haute cuisine, it has a particularly strong flavor.

slowly digested fear

we are not in front classic horror Or bloody, but rather before the proposal progresses slowly, detail by detail, towards chaos.

Intrigue and revelation move to the rhythm of the food arriving at the table, and the five-course menu is not only enticing, but also Feeling black.

performance of Ralph Fiennes Like a mysterious chef who invents dishes with wacky names and leads a militarized culinary team.

Anya Taylor-Joy Shines

Its counterpart is Anya Taylor-Joy A person who plays an out-of-place guest at the restaurant. She’s not a millionaire. He doesn’t get it about her delicious palate. And he didn’t eat anything, much to the chef’s wrath.

The expression of the actress, sometimes upset and sometimes disappointed, reinforces the feeling that she is trapped. Her viewers are afraid of her.

The tension between the chef and the diner is the core of the performance. Nicholas Hoult like an impatient fan of high kitchen.

haute cuisine

There are other chefs in this movie as well.the director is Mark Myrod He has experience criticizing the upper class when directing series such as “Game of Thrones” and “Succession”.

music that envelops Colin Stetson author of the score “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Seth Rice, famous for his satirical comedy, wrote the script. “Onion News Network”.

With their help in overseeing, we were able to get this interesting menu that will entice the simple kangaroo diner as an unexpected final irony.


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