The new CHAT marks an agreement between the TEPJF and “Alito” magistrate in 2020.They quote “Monzato”


The conversation allegedly uncovered by Sansores took place a day after a federal judge asked him to refrain from disseminating any further information or making statements about PRI leaders. A similar action was ordered by a federal judge who ruled in Senator Monreal’s favor this afternoon, causing the governor of Campeche to no longer mention him on his weekly show.

Mexico City, November 15 (but).– Governor Ryda Sansolez It was on display at his program tonight.”jaguar tuesday” series conversation In 2020, the electoral court magistrate of the Federal Court of Justice (TEPJF), Felipe Fuentes VareraY Alejandro Moreno Cardenasleader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

According to the TEPJF official page, this is a TEPJF professional agency. federal jurisdiction “Responsible for resolving controversies in electoral matters, political suffrage We will do our civic responsibilities and bring justice to the electoral environment.”

At the time of the aforementioned conversation, Fuentes Barrera was serving as Chief Magistrate of the Electoral Court of the Federal Court of Justice. From January 23, 2019 to November 3, 2020.

Below is a transcript of an alleged conversation between PRI’s known leader ‘Alito’ and magistrate Fuentes Varela, broadcast on the ‘Martes del Jaguar’ programme.

Conversation on March 15, 2020

Judge of the Peace: Dear President, Greetings. I am writing to you to see if I can listen to the INE candidates. She is my project secretary and participates in the process. view is essential. Could she give me a chance to interview her?

Alito: Okay, let him write a letter.

Magistrate: Thank you, I send you a loving hug.

Conversation on July 29, 2020

Alito: Sending love and generous hugs dear brother. Thank you for your message from my father. You know I’m ready to be here

I am a people of my word committed and obeyed and I will not fail. I send you a big hug. Dear family, how are you and your health?

Magistrate: Dear President, I thank you very much. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet soon and discuss some issues.

Conversation on August 6, 2020

Alito: Dear friends, thank you so much for your love, friendship, generosity and teaming together. I entrust you with the topic so that you can help us. It is important to us and let us know when and where coffee suits you on Monday. You can reach my house There, the three of us are very discreet and are making progress without any problems.

Magistrate: Dear Mr. President, thank you for your vision, your constant vigilance, and the place and time for me to adapt.

Alito: Perfect. Then he spoke to me, whom I called the Senate Doctor. Plunge into the theme of the party. Thank you for your detailed rules.

Magistrate: A loving hug and a cup of coffee on Monday.

Conversation on August 14, 2020

Alito: I’m here. hug. Great president, thank you very much. We do everything and we are a team. Adriana is so nice to have you with us. We intend to reach all our goals. I entrust everything to you, you know I am my word.

Magistrate: Likewise, Mr. President, a big hug.

Alito: As before, all challenges to INE are resolved there. hug.

Judge of the Peace: We have already decided to reopen the proceedings in Hidalgo and Coahuila.

Alito: Yes, perfect. I congratulate you, all the support, and they are about to start going out to support everyone else.

Magistrate: Any complaints we have will be sent to INE so that the law can be settled first.

Alito: Perfect, very, very good, wonderful, dear brother, all the support. From here to the order, as I told you, on Monday I will operate everything and next week we will meet again to sign the contract and of course yours. I will answer it.

Conversation August 25, 2020

Judge: Good afternoon, Mr. President. I would like to ask you to schedule a new meeting. I was asked to go to another dinner with the friend I was with last time.

Alito: I see. All walks, brothers, I entrust your help and support. I am still at work and had an important meeting to let you know when everything is going well.

Magistrate: Thank you very much. And when are you going to continue the dialogue?

Alito: Can you do it next week?

Judge: With pleasure. is it thursday?

Alito: If I’m going to meet the Senator, I’ll meet him on Thursday. We can meet on Thursday. We will let you know now.

Conversation on August 27, 2020

Alito: Brother, I’m meeting Monley tomorrow, so is there anything else I should say? And fit ours at 8:30 in the same place.

Magistrate: Don’t worry, I’ve seen it recently. See you tomorrow.

Alito: Perfect, very good. I would like to tell you about a meeting I had.

Conversation for September 3, 2020

Alito: Good decision. When that ball is put down, it’s a matter of playing with intelligence and strategy. I send you a big hug.

Magistrate: Thank you, brother. A blow is everything, your message strengthens me.

Alito: Don’t worry, I had a very important breakfast yesterday. They kept their promises and table suggestions were realized by people you know. You are calm and firm. you are doing very well

Conversation on October 30, 2020

Alito: I’m meeting RM today. It’s divided, but it comes out. we die with you

Magistrate: I know our friends are pulling.

Alito: I saw it today.

Conversation December 11, 2020

Magistrate: Today I present you the project in question. I only make changes regarding party representation. All others are exceptions. You must reach out to other colleagues here to support your proposal.

Alito: What do you want to delete? Who do you need to talk to?

Magistrate: With all my comrades. Please tell him to contact Javier.

Alito: But what can I ask of you?

Magistrate: Send the project.


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