The Prodigy, a conspiracy full of suspense and fanaticism


A controversial Netflix story calls into question the steadfast truths that the strange inhabitants of a small Irish town cling to.

Social prejudices and fanaticism set the plot in motion ‘genius’, Movies that Netflix will premiere on Billboard Nice comments from netizens.

Set in 1862, The film tells how a nurse, haunted by the past, travels from England to a remote village in Ireland to investigate a girl’s miraculous fasting.

Attacks, Massacres, and Breakouts in Prison Reorganization

The first scene symbolically features an innkeeper at a bar. medicine and religion.

“We are waiting for nuns and nurses, and you are not nuns,” says the character, to emphasize the story’s contrast.

a nurse called rib light He settles in a remote Irish community and must survive in a hostile environment and the lack of culture of its inhabitants.

The characters in “The Prodigy” live their lives unhindered by their own truths. They are violent and do not listen to reason. A small room in which they are confined and live.

“People believe what they want to believe,” says Twitter user Rodrigo Munizaga.

draw attention to the character Anna O’donnell, a girl who hasn’t eaten a meal since her 11th birthday four months ago. She undoubtedly defies medicine and a case that creates a terrifying mystery to be discovered.

That’s where it all started, thanks to the director’s camera Sebastian Lelio We immerse ourselves in a science-censoring parliament and a suspenseful conspiracy.

Here, in the realm of genius, Thinking differently is not allowed Nor does it express subjectivity.

Jorge Luther stands out polite shooting A soundtrack that brings the film to life and emphasizes the tension of each sequence:

“The Prodigy” is based on a novel by Emma Donoghue. ‘wonder’It features the performance of the British actress Florence Pughhas already offered us a key role in the 2019 independent film Midsommar.


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