‘Warzone 2’ Melee Chat Is An Endless Source Of Laughter And Memes, But Not Everyone Likes It


After waiting a long time warzone 2 I finally saw the light On desktop consoles and PCs. It’s not just an update, it’s a new vision of so-called battle royale. hardcore gamerWe’ve brought you all that news lately, but there’s one that’s getting a lot of attention. Even more so than his new map. Proximity chat, of course.

Basically, this function is warzone 2 Players can communicate with each other if they are within a set distance. What’s interesting is that you can hear your enemies and have conversations with them. We generate all kinds of situations during the gameInitially, it was feared that the tool would be used only by malicious users, but the reality is much different.

Over time, more and more players pleasant experienceWith proximity chat warzone 2Users have made unexpected alliances with strangers, and others have listened to their rivals’ pleas and saved their lives. Others listen to private conversations about real-world current affairs. Diversity has never been lost in a community of tens of millions.

A few months ago when it was announced that proximity chat would be one of the major new features, warzone 2, no one imagined that it would be an inexhaustible source of fun and funny moments. In fact, some players temporarily forget to hit their shots in order to have a polite conversation with their opponents. Definitely a rarity in such a competitive environment.

Not everyone is happy with proximity chat right now. cause? It’s very simple: Make even the slightest noise to let enemies know you’re thereIn a game that relies heavily on communication and cooperation with teammates, it’s nearly impossible to avoid small talk. So some users are using it to find prey, while others are being ambushed while joking…

“My friends and I have talked about games all the time about things other than games. “Probably more immersive. Melee chat might be the best new feature. It’s absolutely fun to talk to enemies while you’re hunting them. Taunt the other squad or beg for mercy.” It’s crazy to be able to do that, definitely a great addition.”

Will Infinity Ward keep melee chat warzone 2? Time will tell.If complaints outnumber good comments, they may back off. However, there is no denying this simple addition changing and many common experiences Battle Royale.

please remember warzone 2 is already available and Free to download Play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Of course, make sure you have enough space on your hard drive or storage unit. as it can exceed 100 GB on some platforms.


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