WhatsApp launches its most anticipated new chat: how to chat before anyone else


whats up, One of the world’s most used messaging apps with over 2 billion users, announced that it is in the final stages of a new update.

The news came with new Trial version for iOS – mobile device operating system Manzana– You can send messages directly to yourself.

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Below is everything you need to know about this new feature. This is something that many users have been thinking about for a while, sort of “Notepad“.

new features coming to whatsapp

shared by WA beta information, The latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS includes the ability to automatically create a chat with you from your contact list.

A test version of Android was already announced And with its arrival on iOS, it has practically become official to be launched with a stable application.

Its operation is simple: When a user wants to create a chat with themselves, simply schedule themselves and open a new conversation with that contact. -What’s already done in an empty group as a way to take notes-.

as for him official release, At the moment, there’s no information on when that will be or how it will actually work, but it’s already gone live on both versions of WhatsApp, so we can assume it’s for a short period of time..

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Everything new in Whatsapp

As mentioned, This new feature comes with a tool to automatically turn off group notifications for groups with more than 256 participants..

In the screenshot shared by the aforementioned site, we can see that the application itself warns: With over 256 participants, So it’s automatically muted to reduce notifications. ”In this sense, a large group automatically muted When the number of participants is exceeded. No user action is required.

Other new features in the app include:

  • Possibility to replace profile pictures with digital avatars.

  • A function of Communities that replaces Groups.

  • Possibility to create a chat with yourself.

  • View deleted chats.

The latter is also found in almost all cases. in the final test stage, It will be available to all users in the near future..


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